Understand Hearing Loss

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What is Hearing Loss?

If you have hearing loss, you are not alone. Hearing loss is a common problem that can happen to anybody and it often comes gradually with age or is caused by repeated exposure to loud noises.

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Types and causes of hearing loss

There are many reasons why we lose our hearing, but the most common are prolonged exposure to noise and the aging process. Other causes include ear infections, head injuries and certain medications. The good news is you are not alone and you can do something about it. Beltone hearing aids make conversations easy again and give you better overall situational awareness so you can reconnect to your surroundings and start living life to the fullest again.

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Living with hearing loss

Whether hearing loss happens gradually or suddenly, adjusting to living with hearing loss can take time. It affects balance, makes conversation difficult and causes mental and physical fatigue. This in turn can lead to social isolation, anxiety and even depression, as well as poorer overall health.

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