Beltone Trust

The new Beltone Trust is not a typical hearing aid. Beltone Trust gives you unmatched ability to hear speech in noisy situations and the most options to connect to your favorite devices and to personalize your hearing experience- all in a virtually invisible package. Plus, a brand new Remote Care feature helps you get support from your hearing care professional, wherever you are.

Beltone Trust Features

Best suitable for the following hearing loss levels Mild-to-severe
Available styles All
Colors 8 skin and hair tones
Speech in noise recognition CrossLink Directionality 2 with Personal Sound ID (Advanced)
Spatial Directionality
Wind noise reduction
Background Noise Reduction Sound Cleaner Pro (Advanced)
Automatic Volume Control Smart Gain Pro (Advanced)
Feedback Cancellation Feedback Eraser with WhistleStop (Advanced)
Ear to Ear Synchronization Features and Volume/Program changes (Advanced)
Gradual hearing aid sound adaptation Synchronized Satisfy
Made for iPhone (stream music directly into hearing aids)
Compatible app Hear Max app
Beltone Direct Line Wireless Accessories
Built-in Tinnitus Breaker
Protection HPF80 NanoBlock
Remote hearing aid adjustments Remote Care