Beltone hearing aids fit
every lifestyle and budget

At Beltone, our goal is simple: to bring you hearing so natural,
listening is a pleasure again—wherever you go. And, thanks to
Beltone's leading micro-processor technology, our hearing aids
are feature-rich, yet super small.

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Beltone Origin

We started with a simple premise: Make a hearing aid with advanced technology that allows all people access to hearing care. That is how Beltone Origin began. We took technology from our most sophisticated products and simplified it into a hearing instrument that delivers excellent sound quality, and is still easy to use.

With these features, Beltone Origin greatly improves the quality of life for anyone who wears them.

  • Directionality – Focus on speech when and where you want to, while background noise gets less distracting.
  • Feedback Management – Helps eliminate annoying whistling sounds to make your hearing clean and clear.
  • HPF80 NanoBlock – Industry-leading HPF80 NanoBlock™ protects the entire hearing aid from moisture and debris, so your hearing instruments will last longer.